Safety is our top priority at Viewpoint Coachlines. We provide highly qualified, extensively trained, professional operators for every trip. Every driver must meet stringent pre-employment requirements including a thorough background check, a complete medical examination and proven experience in safe, professional driving. Our drivers must successfully complete an extensive professional Motor Coach Driver Education program. In addition, regular refresher program and annual evaluations also keep our drivers fully qualified as some of safest drivers on America ’s highways.

Our modern fleet goes through extensive and regular maintenance inspections and meets or exceeds all Federal and State vehicle safety standards. In addition to regular maintenance inspections from highly trained and certified mechanics, our buses go through extensive inspections from Federal and State agencies. Finally, every bus that is in service is thoroughly inspected each day by our professional drivers.

Viewpoint Coachlines maintains exceptional safety ratings with the US Federal regulatory agencies. Our Department of Transportation and Department of Defense inspections consistently result in top-notch ratings.  

The safe transportation of our guests, the safety of other motorist and pedestrians, and the safety of our employees is always our top priority.


Federal Driving Regulations

Driver hours of service rules in the USA  - Know the rules of the road

Your motor coach driver works hard to accommodate customer requests but in the case of making unplanned stops or detours, sometimes he or she is simply unable to oblige.  Just like an airline pilot, the number of hours that any one motor coach can be on duty is strictly limited by U.S. Federal Law.

Here are the facts:

  • Your driver can drive up to 10 hours, and then must have 8 hours off duty before driving again.
  • Your driver may work for up to 15 hours which includes both driving and non-driving duties. Once the 15-hour limit is reached, the driver must have 8 hours off duty before driving again.
  • Your driver may work up to 70 hours in an 8-day period that included driving and non-driving duties. A driver may not drive after reaching this limit.

Consequences of exceeding these limits include:

  • Your driver being put “out of service” on the spot during a surprise State or Federal roadside inspection of your driver’s log book, severely delaying your group while another driver is located and transported to your motor coach.
  • Further penalties to your driver and bus company that could threaten their livelihoods.
  • The safety of your entire group being put at extreme risk, due to driver fatigue
  • These Federal requirements are intended to make sure that drivers have adequate rest. So, please don’t pressure your driver to break the law by changing your itinerary.

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